Looking for an industrial millwright for our client 

up to $32/hourly

 Valid – Industrial Millwright Mechanic 433A license
 Prior last 5 to 7 years working as a licensed millwright in the automotive industry or high
speed/volume assembly and sequencing; fixture design; torque monitoring /control; and material handling systems.
 Strong analytical skills, root cause analysis & troubleshooting, and capable of providing solutions
 Able to fabricate details of all types of industrial materials from mechanical prints.
 Understanding of pneumatics to create, troubleshoot pneumatic circuits.
 Good mathematical, organizational and communication skills.
 Able to work both independently and in groups.
 Clear verbal and written communication skills of both English and mathematics.
 Working knowledge of compressors, conveyors, material handling systems,
 Willing to work necessary overtime up to but not limited to 48 hours per week.
 Able to work two-shift rotation.
 Able to work weekends.
 Able to work in various locations within and outside the plant.
 Experience and comfortable working with aerial lift equipment, forklifts, etc.
 Comfortable working in a unionized environment.

Please send your resumes to jennifer@canadianexecutivesearch.com


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