Canadian Executive Searching Group are a staffing agency that remains an expert in sourcing suitable engineers for engineering companies within the Guelph, Ontario region. Our thorough and direct recruitment practices ensure we are able to source premium engineers to fill your job vacancies. We can also match qualified engineers who are searching for a new career with a variety of Engineering oriented jobs available in the Guelph area.

Engineers who understand your business

With extensive head-hunting training, our staff are able to source the most talented and qualified engineering candidates for your extraordinary engineering job opportunities in Guelph. From temporary, contract, or full-time engineering positions within your company, we have the ability to find suitable engineering candidates that are able to join your work force. If you have been searching for an engineer in the Guelph area, get in touch with us today to go over your job requirements for our engineering candidates to review.

Searching for an engineering position?

We can provide engineering job postings thanks to the vast array of jobs that require certified engineers in every discipline, including Automotive, Civil, Geotechnical, Manufacturing, QA, Architectural, Biomedical, Electrical, Industrial, Process, and Software Engineering around the Guelph area.

Engineers – Begin your journey to a new engineering career in Guelph today!

If you are a qualified engineer in search of a new posting in Guelph, Ontario, we can assist you on your journey to your next engineering job. We have the tools at your disposal to source and secure your future engineering job placement in Guelph, Ontario.

How does the engineering job process start?

Step 1: Your engineering job search begins when you click on the ‘View Engineering Job Vacancies’ button in order to review our selection of available engineering positions in the Guelph area.

Step 2: When your desired engineering job is located, you can apply for the position by filling out the application form to submit your resume.

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