The Canadian Executive Search Group, or CES, is a recruitment agency that concentrates on fulfilling a wide range of engineering placements in the Hamilton, Ontario area though enrollment of qualified engineers.

Engineering placement types

CES utilizes extensive training and experience to determine the most suitable and competent engineering applicants for some of the most exclusive engineering positions available in Hamilton, Ontario.

There are job opportunities available in many engineering employment categories including temporary, permanent, and contract based engineering. Ideal applicants are ready and able to tackle problems efficiently with logic and creativity.

Wanted: Qualified Engineers!

A huge scope of programs is seeking experienced engineers from all disciplines, making engineering job vacancies abundant in Electrical, Mechanical, Automotive, Industrial, Biomedical, QA, Geotechnical, Process, Civil, Manufacturing, Software, and Architectural fields.

Are you an accomplished engineer, looking for your next job opportunity in Hamilton, Ontario, who needs support in finding the ideal engineering position? We would like to assist you.

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We would like to help you source and secure your next engineering position in Hamilton, Ontario.

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