The engineering recruitment agency geared toward the recruitment of qualified Engineers for Hamilton, Ontario businesses, is Canadian Executive Search Group (CES). We assist a large number of Hamilton area employers to fill multiple types of Engineering job opportunities.

Engineering recruitment for all Engineering disciplines

The CES Group utilizes our extensive engineering recruitment training and know-how to find qualified engineering candidates for the most extraordinary engineering opportunities that Hamilton has to offer.

With a variety of engineering jobs available for temporary, permanent and contract based positions, engineering recruitment helps qualified engineers connect to positions that demand ability to tackle problems with logic, creativity and efficiency.

Calling for certified Engineers in the Hamilton area!

Demand for engineering recruitment of experienced engineers in every field has created a large number of engineering job vacancies. Thanks to a vast range of programs, engineers are needed from Civil, Architectural , Automotive, Biomedical, Electrical, Geotechnical, Industrial, Process, QA, Manufacturing, and Software Engineering.

At CES, we are the engineering recruitment agency who can help you, the accomplished engineer, connect with your next job opportunity in Hamilton, Ontario.

Engineers – Your ideal job starts here

Imagine yourself in your new engineering position in the Hamilton, Ontario area. Now, let us be the engineering recruitment agency to help you rev up your job search and put you in that picture.

Step 1: Begin your search with a simple click on the button below, to investigate our database of engineering opportunities in Hamilton and vicinity.

Step 2: You’ve found an intriguing job posting on our database? Just submit your resume by completing the corresponding application form.

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