Our specialty at the Canadian Executive Search Group (USA), or CES, is enrollment of knowledgeable engineering prospects for a vast selection of sought after engineering positions in Greenville, South Carolina and vicinity.

Engineering positions

Canadian Executive Search Group USA utilizes their extensive recruitment experience to staff extraordinary engineering positions in Greenville, South Carolina, bringing only qualified engineering candidates for consideration.

Multiple engineering placements are available: temporary, permanent, and contract based engineering jobs. Most in demand are logical individuals for engineering positions, who are ready and  able to bring efficiency to creative problem solving.

Trained as an Engineer?

Vacancies in engineering are quite plentiful. A vast assortment of projects are underway seeking certified engineers in all fields: Software, Quality Assurance, Process, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Industrial, Geotechnical, Electrical, Civil, Biomedical, Architectural and Automotive.

Are you ready to step into your next engineering position in Greenville, South Carolina? We are the expert staffing agents at CES USA, who can help you, the qualified engineer, find the ideal opportunity.

Engineers – Begin your job exploration with us!

We can help you begin the search to acquire your next engineering opportunity in the Greenville, South Carolina area.

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