One of many specialties at the Canadian Executive Search Group USA is the focused recruitment of experienced information technology job applicants to serve the needs of the Chicago, Illinois for multiple information technology opportunities throughout the Chicago, Illinois area.

The information technology job agency for every Chicago I.T. vacancy

Extensive training equips the CES team to focus on headhunting only qualified information technology job candidates to fill some of the most specialized I.T. positions available today in Chicago, Illinois. We have jobs listed for multiple employment options in temporary, permanent or contract-based service. We are proud to know that our clients can rely on us to be the information technology job agency responsive to their needs and those of our applicants.

Finding the candidates you need in a broad range of information technology specialties:

  • Information Technology Designer
  • I.T. Consultant
  • Information Technology Analyst
  • I.T. Programmer
  • I.T. Technician
  • Systems Statistician
  • I.T. Manager
  • Information Technology Engineer
  • I.T. Support

Helpful information technology job agents find the opportunity that suits you best

You will discover that when we make contact with talented individuals, there are many benefits to working with an information technology job agency that helps you navigate your way to your ideal job prospect in Chicago, Illinois.

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Professional information technology job agents are equipped and ready to help you source your next position in Chicago and vicinity.

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