Canadian Executive Search Group USA (CES) is a staffing agency specializing in recruitment of skilled Engineers for a wide array of Engineering job vacancies in Nashville, Tennessee and vicinity.

Engineering opportunities

The Canadian Executive Search Group USA team has extensive expertise and concentrates on enlisting only top quality engineers for some of the most specialised engineering opportunities currently available in Nashville, Tennessee.

Engineering jobs exist for temporary, permanent, and contract based positions. In demand are individuals for engineering positions who are ready to bring logic and efficiency to creative problem solving.

Are you an experienced Engineer?

Demand for experienced engineers in every field has created a large number of engineering job vacancies. Thanks to a vast  range of programs underway engineers are needed from Civil, Architectural , Automotive, Biomedical, Electrical, Geotechnical, Industrial, Process, QA,  Manufacturing, and Software Engineering.

At CES (USA) we have the know-how to help the accomplished engineer, you, find the job opportunity you seek in Nashville, Tennessee.

Engineers – Fire up your job search with us!

Picture yourself in your new engineering position in Nashville, Tennessee. Now let us help you rev up your job search and put you in that picture.

Step 1: To start your search, simply click on the button below to explore our database of engineering job openings in and around Nashville.

Step 2: It’s easy to submit your resume once you have found a suitable engineering position, by completing the corresponding application form .

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