Canadian Executive Search Group (CES) serving Chatham-Kent, Ontario, is an administrative job agency focused upon the placement of knowledgeable candidates into a vast range of Chatham-Kent area administrative job postings.

Chatham-Kent administrative job agency that makes the difference

CES brings exceptional training and experience to determine the most suitable and qualified job applicants for some of the most specific administrative job positions offered in Chatham-Kent, Ontario. A wide variety of jobs are available for temporary, permanent and contract based positions. It is a source of great pride to be the responsive administrative job agency who takes great care of both our clients and candidates.

The administrative job agency finding candidates for a variety of administrative positions:

  • Financial Clerks
  • Receptionists
  • Legal Secretary
  • Bookkeeper
  • Data Entry
  • Office Assistant
  • General Office Clerks
  • Account Collectors
  • Medical Secretary

Your ideal administrative job is waiting for you, let our experts help

The helpful experts at our administrative job agency can help the talented administrative specialist to locate the next rung on your Chatham-Kent career ladder.

Administrative Job Seekers – Your search can start now!

Obtaining the perfect administrative job in Chatham-Kent can be easy with the help of our skilled and helpful administrative job agents.

Step 1: Start it all with a simple click on the button below to discover our database of administrative job postings in Chatham-Kent, Ontario and the surrounding areas.

Step 2: Complete the process when you have found a suitable administrative job opportunity in Chatham-Kent, Ontario by simply filling in the corresponding application form to offer your resume to our professional administrative job agents.

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